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How do I know which unit is right for my application?

Our network of reps have many years of experience in selecting the best and most economical unit for your unique application. We have a rep in your area that is standing by to help.

When should maintenance be performed on my unit?

Recommended maintenance schedules are found in our Owner’s Manuals; however, your maintenance schedule should be adjusted for the surrounding environment. Your rep can advise this when the unit is selected.

What is the recommended service clearance for I.C.E. units?

We recommend 36” for service access.

Is factory startup on I.C.E. units available?

Factory startups by I.C.E. trained personnel are not only available, but recommended and add a free year of parts warranty to the unit.

I’m interested in becoming an I.C.E. Manufacturer’s Representative. How can I find out more?

Please contact our Sales Department at sales@ice-us.com for more information.