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Custom Units


AH Air Handling Units

  • Aluminum Air Handler

HR Heat Recovery Unit

  • Heat recovery coil, aluminum plate heat exchanger, heat wheel or glycol heat transfer
  • Available with direct or indirect gas-fired, electic coil, steam pipe or hot water pipe heating sections
  • ICE has the capability to build a wide variety of custom-built units for any type of commercial or industrial application

Evaporative Coolers

Horticultural custom all stainless steel evaporative coolers


Mycology Lab

Lab 75°F & 50% RH environmental units; gas fired humidifier sections. VFD's compensated as pre, hi eff. and HEPA filters loaded.


HTDM Food Process Unit

Food process dual level unit with full washdown construction and high efficiency filtration.


Anthrax Recovery Unit

IRS required 99.9997% Hepa filter exhuast units for anthrax recovery room.


2,500 sq ft unit

Process unit; 4 in. insulation, washdown treadplate floor, aluminum interior, 15,500 lb/hr humidifier, 600 tons of cooling.


GIDM 250 Heat Recovery

10 Ft. dia heat recovery enthalpy wheel. Packaged unit with high efficiency filtration and 80 tons of cooling.


Food Process

HVAC complete AB PLC automation. Provides consistent 50 F space temperature and pressure. Clean cycle with de-humidification.



All 316 stainless steel MUA units with Allen Bradley PLC's and PanelView interfaces. Units feature corrosion resistant components for a WWTP.


GIDM-175 HR Unit

Packaged 80 ton A/C unit with indirect fired heat and 10 ft diameter heat recovery wheel. Includes 3 way refrigerant valves for re-heat.


Food Process

304 stainless steel wash-down interior. The Ammonia cooling coil had 40°F discharge air temperature. AB Contrologix process controls with clean cycle.