• Standard industrial quality construction
  • 7,500 to 200,000 CFM -Up to 6,000 MBH heating output
  • Welded angle iron frame
  • Zinc rich enamel painted casings
  • Optional cooling up to 400 tons per unit
  • Low sound -ultra efficient propellers with sound attenuation
  • Optional automatic greasing canisters w/ 2 year charge

AC 6360/175

  • Basic MUA unit
  • High Turndown suited mild Washington climate
  • High grade construction ensures long life expectancy
  • Ease of maintenance and durability critical for school maintenance staff

AC 6460/250

  • 200,000 CFM heat/vent air turnover unit.
  • Unit was equipped with OSHA approved service platform and ladder.

AC 048/175

  • Indoor with 1,750 MBH heat output, 80 tons of D/X cooling and full economizer.

AC 6360/250

  • Indoor with 2,500 MBH heating output and 300 tons of chilled water cooling

AC 6360/325

  • Provides up to 150,000 CFM of filtered outside air for summer ventilation.
  • 14 units total with 3,250 MBH output each.
  • Units were equipped with platforms and automatic greasing canisters.