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  • Indirect Fired industrial grade drum and tube Heat exchanger
  • Minimum 80% efficiency
  • CGA approved up to 15:1 Turndown
  • Highest surface area per BTUH in the industry (Long heat exchanger life)
  • Designed for low surface temperature (maximum 75% of scaling) to increase life


Indirect Fired rooftop unit with 80 tons of packaged cooling and full perimeter roof curb.


Vertical indirect fired space heaters for Riker's Island prison. Units featured V-bank filter section and nozzles.


2,500 MBH output indirect fired drum and tube heat exchanger. Featuring Maxon burner and valves and JIC wiring for an automotive facility.


Indirect fired rooftop unit w/ 2,750 MBH heat output. Units were complete with plenum fan, mix box and high efficiency filter section.


Multiple rooftop indirect fired heat/vent units with 3,250 MBH heat output and Allen Bradley PLC networking.